Four problems with interactive whiteboards

For anyone who’s ever used an interactive smartboard, or even the bog-standard office issue whiteboard, you’ll know that there’s a couple of issues with them. Of course, they’re a great tool for office, school and even home use, but as with everything, they come with their own set of issues you need to give careful consideration too.

Smartboards as a conference tool

Of course, one of the places that interactive smartboards excel at is in the conference room. That …

How can an interactive whiteboard help learners with special needs?

With the advent of the interactive smartboard appearing to revolutionise the modern classroom and lecture theatre, is there any wonder that people have paused to consider whether these tools can be used to help facilitate learners who learn differently or have learning disabilities they need to address?

Can a smart interactive whiteboard be of help to learners with learning disabilities?

Overall, a smartboard is a powerful tool in the right hands full stop. Yes, they have their niggly little glitches, …

The Disadvantages of Interactive Whiteboards

The advent of the interactive smartboard should see a classroom revolution– offering new, innovative ways to teach and learn. However, they haven’t quite seemed to live up to that. So, what are the disadvantages of using an IWB?

What is a smart interactive whiteboard, anyway?

The Smartboad is basically a large white screen that connects to digital technology, allowing you to write on the display, show videos and more. They aren’t without their disadvantages Read more information about disadvantages …

Using an Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom

The smart interactive whiteboard offers a lot of potential in the classroom, but it can also easily appear to be little more than a fancy technological nonsense. One of the key issues with the smartboard is its requirement for proficiency in technological uses. Of course, we’re entering a digital age, however- so how do you use an interactive whiteboard in the classroom to good effect?

Smartboard- how do they work?

The IWB is effectively a large white surface connected to …